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November 8

Foreman grunted and shifted when Amber prodded him awake and led him to bed. He woke up enough to strip down to his boxers and slide between the fresh sheets with her, but hardly conscious enough to get smug that she'd invited him back into her bed. Definitely not awake enough to think through the implications--such as the fact that he didn't have any clean clothes at Amber's apartment, they still had to show up at work the next day even without a case, and Amber had a habit of waking up earlier than him, not only because she took more time in the mornings, but because she lived further from the hospital.

Falling asleep, once again with his arm tucked close around Amber's waist and her hips cradled in front of his, Foreman didn't spend any energy on a plan for the next day. When Amber's alarm clock went off, it felt far too soon, and Foreman groaned a low protest. Amber was warm, and though they must have shifted in the night, Foreman was still able to wriggle a fraction of an inch closer and press against her back again. He didn't want to wake up. Easier to ignore the alarm clock and nuzzle closer to the scent of Amber's nape, his mouth brushing against the juncture of her neck and shoulder.

He'd been dreaming. Something confused, fading already, although the effects of it were still apparent. A low thread of pleasure twined through his body, tingling, and keeping him very happily where he was. Foreman shifted again, all but unconscious, rocking his hips forward against Amber's ass in one slow, light press. God, she felt good. Foreman stretched, long and luxurious, rolling his shoulders and pointing his toes. Soon she'd disappear. Leap up at the bleep of the clock. Tell him to lay off and go slow. But until she pushed him away, he was going to see just where the boundary line lay. He couldn't possibly be held responsible for how she turned him on in his sleep.
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Six thirty and that familiar ring; Amber jolted awake. Thanks to all her medical training, having to be ready and alert at a moment's notice, she was fully awake within a second. They'd gone to bed early anyway, making up for days of overworking. She reached out and off went the alarm's lights and noise.

It was pre-dawn dark. Amber stretched, every movement a reminder of whom was with her. Eric. As if having him draped him around her all night long wouldn't have been reminder enough. Head hazy, Amber curled into him, nestling into his embrace just as he pressed into her; hooked her foot around his. Fuck but it was amazing to wake up like this, surrounded by his scent, heated by him. Even before opening her eyes had Amber felt a warm, tingly buzz demanding more. It'd been days since they'd had sex and after lying all night with him, Amber was all too aware of how much she'd missed him.

Why not? It was early and it wasn't as if House would want to work today. It was as easy as rolling onto him, pinning Eric down with her body, legs and arms on either side of him. Amber smiled wolfishly, rubbing into him, smooth skin sliding against smooth skin. She'd discarded her sweater and pants before climbing into bed and now she was grateful for it, growing hotter at the direct contact. Eric was looking up blearily as if he hadn't quite yet figured out how to be conscious; she thrust her hip. Maybe that'd remind him. To help him out even more, Amber nuzzled his sharp-stubbly jaw. "Morning, Eric," she breathed between kisses. She wanted this. She wanted him. Going slow was officially off the menu.
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Eric's mouth covered hers, hot and slow but deliciously needy. As if even in his sleep he knew where his priorities lay and it was with touching her. Hot. Almost as hot as his whispering her name like he was hers no matter what. Amber licked Eric's lips, deliberate at first, indulging his sleepy pace even as the thud of her blood demanded more and faster. Her hips obeyed her own beat, rocking steadily. Pleasure already rushed through her, the satisfaction of delayed fucking.

The joke was almost too obvious, but how could she let the chance pass by? "How about only you get up," Amber teased. Eric could hide nothing from her between their thin cotton layers, especially not the way she was indulging rubbing into him; his nascent erection was already proving stimulating. It’d feel so good to fist him into full hardness and sink onto him and fuck til they came; just the thought of it got her wetter.

"We can get there a little late," Amber murmured. "Day after a case...." If House did catch them-- and that was a huge if-- then he'd most likely delight in the chance to mock Eric and question Amber's work ethics. It'd be different. House liked different, it intrigued him. This could become a feather in her cap. But Amber didn't want to think about House, much less mention him to Eric, since it’d kill the mood in a single blow. Better to kiss again, this time penetrating Eric’s mouth with her tongue, reveling in how her head swam; better to shudder at his caresses, surrendering a light moan.
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Amber only just stifled a gasp as Eric stroked her entrance as more a passing thought than a caress; she ground down harder involuntarily. He could finger-tease her all he wanted but she doubted he'd skirt his own pleasure. His dick's growing hardness told her all she needed to know, if the stronger odor his sweat and his languid groans hadn’t been informative enough. Dr. Eric Foreman was awake and willing to serve.

She was aroused enough to lose track of the details, swept up as she was in a wave of desire. All she knew was that she felt good and that she wanted more. Wanted Eric to lose himself too. Amber palmed along his ribcage, massaging his smooth skin; felt him speak with her fingers, his chest thrumming with his voice. Right, shirt off. Made sense. Without it Eric could touch more of her. Amber did love it when he pinched her nipples and maybe he could do that thing with his mouth-- she sat up abruptly, hips still undulating, and ripped her shirt over her head. "Better?" she purred.

As long as she was up, she might as well deal with some other things too. She leaned towards her bed stand, pawing in the darkness to find the drawer's knob. There were some clattering and rolling sounds as she yanked the drawer open; probably one of the lube bottles had fallen over. Never mind. She blindly grasped a bunch of condoms and dumped them nearby, to be easily grabbed when the time came. After years of fucking protection was primary instinct.

"Excuse the interruption," Amber said huskily, straightening herself over Eric once more. Running her hands down his arms, she found his hands and clasped them. "I believe this is what you were hoping for?" She made his fingers splay over her breasts; obvious, yes, but Amber wouldn't put it past him to tease her if given half the chance.
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"Unhh," Amber breathed, closing her eyes to Eric's onslaught, doing everything to her, licking, biting, wrapping her close to him. She couldn't not undulate, hips buckling and her shoulders squeezing tight together; Amber cradled the base of Eric's head, guiding him to keep on what he was doing. Felt so, so impossibly good. "Eric," she moaned, arching. Her nerves tingled, oversensitive.

She would've been happy to spend hours like that, with Eric worshipping her breasts and maybe a slight shift to let herself slide onto his dick. Amber had reached a point where she didn't care much about plans; all she wanted was to keep the pleasure coming and growing. Eric, however, seemed filled with initiative: his sudden turn that turned her world upside down was unexpected, but it was exciting too, having him covering her with his body. It gave her something to fight against, like a wrestling match.

Amber did love a fight. With a naughty grin, she surged up as he came down, the movement both sexual play and rebellion. She preferred being on top but not to the point where she couldn't tolerate fucking any other way; besides, with the direction Eric was taking, dipping to suck at her breast again, it seemed he was set on spoiling her. Who was she to turn away such an offer? "Did you, Dr. Foreman," Amber asked between pants. She couldn't have kept her voice level even if she'd cared to. She propped herself up on her elbows to get a better view of whatever Eric ended up doing and raised her hip, trying without much success to rub her crotch against something. At this rate she'd need to take matters into her own hands, literally. "What did you have in mind?"
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Morning's first light filled the room tentatively, gray and fuzzy but more than enough to reveal the smug curve of Eric's smile before he bent his head again and then he could've been wearing a clown's mask for all Amber cared, as long as he didn't stop, the wet pressure from his lips drawing more moans from her.

Even through the fog of desire Amber was disappointed Eric didn't list anything specific. Going into this, she'd had a firm idea of what they should do: get off quickly and then off to work. She could be riding him already. This dedicated, meticulous exploration of her body was fine and dandy when they had hours ahead of them, but the room was growing only brighter and brighter-- and yet she couldn't bring herself to cut the pleasure short either. The soles of her feet rubbed against the sheets in her impatience and excitement.

Take these off. That sounded kinda strange. And it hadn't registered at the time, but he'd told her to take her shirt off too, hadn't he? But whatever, she'd wanted her clothes off anyway and with his finger teasing her vulva just right, like he'd been trained in the art of Getting Amber Horny, she frankly didn't care. Amber hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties, lifting her ass to peel them down her thighs and legs.

They'd long since abandoned the covers, relying on each other's heat to ward off the early coolness. Now completely bare, Amber felt the draught, her nipples hardening and her skin breaking out into goosebumps; if she was going to be naked, she wanted more than just Eric's breath over her pussy. "You want to get to know me?" she asked, coy. If he wanted to take his sweet time and taste every square inch of her, then he could finish what he'd started. Her fingers, so far only grasping at the covers, were cold, and she gasped as she probed her entrance. She was wetter than she'd realized. Amber touched only enough to get her fingertip glistening with moisture, then offered it to Eric, holding it before his mouth. He loved this, she knew. "Go for it." Once more she raised her hips, suggestively. The last time he'd gone down on her, it'd been amazing, almost unbearably so. Maybe it was from the relief of still having him in her life, but she wanted him to bring her to that brink again; if they were going to be late, they might as well be late in style.
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He didn't always want her; he'd turned her down cold-heartedly when she'd invited him over, a couple of a days ago, and made a fuss last night when she'd leaned into him on the couch-- to name only a few of the times he'd spurned her advances. Such a liar. The contrast between his words and actions dampened Amber's arousal and she bent one of her legs tighter and closer to her. Eric probably didn't even know what he was saying; being sex-addled could do that to a brain. She’d lost awareness of her own words, a few times.

He wanted her now, at any rate. It was amazing to watch how turned on he got just by the thought of eating her out, getting more excited by her demand than their kissing or rolling around. He couldn't get his shorts off fast enough, as if he'd need all the freedom his dick could get, and he downright scrambled to get his face back between her legs. Yeah. Amber couldn't help wriggling in anticipation, stretching out her calves and tilting her upper body as much as she could, trying to get the best view possible.

But as much as she'd meant to watch, the moment Eric went down, his breath tickling her mound, his cheeks brushing against her inner thighs, it was a lost cause: Amber fell back, groaning. Her legs spread open of their own accord as something small but firm pressed into her vagina, and she rose into that heat and pressure. Everything, even Eric's groans, seemed to fade away, insignificant compared to waves of pleasure suddenly washing over her. It was so damn much and not enough. So fucking frustrating, to be feeling this incredibly much but all out of her control, needing Eric to take the reigns. "More," she gasped, hands clenching and nails digging into her palm, "Harder--"
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The only thing keep Amber from shoving up straight into the air, riding the pleasure flooding her, was Eric holding her in place with mouth and hand; even anchored she felt ready to rise and never come back down again. "Ahnnnn," she groaned out, raw, unaccountable for how she writhed. Autumn cold or not, she broke out into a sweat, beads gathering between her breasts, along her collar bone; she burned up.

The previous times Eric had gone down on her, Amber had resisted, not trusting him. The first time it'd made her clam up; the second, it’d added a thrill of fear to her orgasm. This time, she just let go. It was so simple, so easy. She knew now that he knew what he was doing, how to make Amber come so hard she didn't know what to do with herself.

Amber inhaled mid-breath; something harder was pressing against her mons, down her clit. "Oh god, oh Eric--" she said in a rush, blinking, hyperventilating, caught between two incredible sensations, inside and out, and now he really had trapped her. She went back and forth, forth and back, into that sweet, sweet pressure going up her pussy, and against her clit, not thinking, just doing as her instinct demanded. Fucking Eric's fingers and tongue, Amber quickly raised herself to the peak, crying out as she hit it. More than ever she shook, shivering and almost sitting up, quivering all over with orgasm. God, fuck yes, this. For a few seconds she was gone, coming.

She came to falling back onto the mattress, panting with all her might. She could barely move in those few seconds right after, lazily turning her head and legs this and that way as the after-effects squeezed through her. "Mmmnnn," she purred, arching in a stretch. "Nice." If Amber could've been bothered, she'd have lifted her head to direct her glowing smile at the person who'd caused it. "C'mere," was about all that she could manage, commanding him back up huskily.
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Amber could only chuckle as Eric scrambled back up, needy beyond the telling of it, panting frantically, all but fucking her then and there. She had no idea how he even held back, going no further than sliding along her stomach. He couldn't even speak in complete sentences. At the same time, she didn't feel his urgency, deliciously sated as she was. It was so easy to peer at him coyly through half-lidded eyes, returning his hot and heavy kisses slowly, like she was sampling exquisite wines. The taste that was strongest, though, was herself, bitter and sticky.

"You think so?" she asked, glowing warmer still with the compliment. Amber ran her hands down his back, massaging him even as she pressed him and his dick to slide harder and faster against her. "You like seeing me come?" she taunted, drawing out her words for maximum effect. Eric was shivering, taunt with the final remnants of his control. "Or you like seeing me fuck?" Amber let that last consonant ring with emphasis, staring straight into his wide, desperate eyes before pushing up and kissing him, plunging her tongue deep into his mouth. Geez, he was covered in her scent. It both confused and aroused her, and Amber found herself rocking her hips more intensely, and not just because of her lingering orgasm.

She trailed her lips over his cheeks and ear. "Whaddya want, Eric?" Her legs wrapped around him, her heels digging into his ass and the base of her spine. "Wanna fuck me?" she whispered loudly, obscenely. It'd drive him crazy, and god she wanted to see that, see him snap as he couldn't take it anymore. "I could fist you so hard, Eric, I could make you see god." He was slippery with sweat, and it wasn't just her odor, she could detect his scent too, and the mixture, it made her gasp, squeezing her eyes. "Or maybe you want your dick in me, 'cause I'm so wet, and you know it'd be good..."

Her right hand patted towards the small pile of condoms she'd dumped onto the bed; something told her that he'd want the fucking and that he wouldn't remember that slight detail of protection. Her left hand, though, trailed down his chest, curved over his pec, and tweaked his nipple, squeezing it between forefinger and thumb. "I'll do anything you want."
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At lightning speed Eric sat up and Amber smiled at him, smug and satisfied by his drive; smiled harder when he fumbled with tearing the package open. She felt so lazy, like a hammock swinging lightly in the breeze. Turning towards him, she idly waited, carelessly brushing her hand over her mons and inner thighs, reveling in just how wet she’d gotten. She wasn’t along for long; soon he filled the space between her legs again and she got a heady rush; couldn’t resist spreading further, encouraging him as close and snug as possible. Their the kiss was amazing, short and light, and not at all satisfying the need she had for deeper, deeper, deeper.

He penetrated her, steady and smooth, and even as sopping wet and relaxed as she was, he stretched her, making every inch of her cervix thick and intense. Amber shuddered, groaning out. The spasm went up and down all her nerves and muscles, a body-long shake. She'd forgotten how sensitive she could get after oral sex; it was like she'd taken all the pleasure she could and now the excess spilled over. Amber gasped again, arching up as if it'd help, but there it was again, that tingle edging on pain; pulling away was no better. She could not keep Eric's intense gaze, her eyes squeezing shut as her head fell back onto her pillow even as her chest and hips surged upward again, unable to resist the call of Eric moving against her. "Nggggh," she gritted out, helpless against the sensations ripping through her. "Ohh, oh, oh--"

His lips dipped over hers again and her eyes sprang open; she drank him in round short, dry pants. It wasn't enough. Even warring between bliss and hurt, Amber needed more. She kissed him again, tongue pushing into him together with her body, but she couldn't keep it up, not the way her lungs demanded air. She resorted to nipping along his jaw, moaning nonstop all the while, the prick of his stubble against her skin only making her urgency stronger. He was so hot and sweaty and big and all over her and god she was out of control. "Eric," she cried, "Eric."
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Eric frowned with concentration, his mouth slack and his shoulders rolling, and the way his subscapularis twitched, god, fuck. Amber forgot everything, knowing only the slick sounds as their bodies met each other time and time again, Eric's hot breath, her short-circuiting pleasure electrifying her. Amber’s hair roots were wet with sweat, her skin flushed. "Yeah," she spurred him on, heart going into overdrive to hear his voice calling her name. "Yeahh, mmnhh, c'mon--"

Amber laughed out of pure joy to feel him come; rocked him through his shudders til he collapsed on her like a sack of potatoes. Tenderly she stroked the base of his skull like he liked, murmuring meaningless but heartfelt words.

Daylight was strong now. She should get up, there was work to be done: please House, win prize, victory. It was so late already; there'd be a price to pay. What would House demand? But Amber could barely move, still shivering with sexual excitement. Even wriggling her toes proved a challenge, though her hip's limp thrusts were involuntary, automatic. Did she want to come again? Could she? She felt like she was still coming, her vagina tightening unclenching round Eric's dick in uncontrolled spasms.

She did all that she could, arms and legs still wrapped around him, angling to get him in deeper even as he softened. Her nipples, sensitive, ached to be rubbed against his chest. Was that her voice? Was she still moaning?

It'd be so nice to fall back asleep with him still in her. Eventually her gasps faded, her breathing tending towards regularity. Eric looked so good, worn like she'd wrung him out. Happy. She'd-- no, they'd done this. Contentment flooded her. She was glad to be here. Glad they'd worked past their fights, glad she'd hit on him that first night. Amber smiled at Eric's radiance. He was amazing and gorgeous, in so many ways. He made her feel so free. She kissed him lightly, endorphins still leaving her lightheaded. "I love you," came out of her mouth without thought.
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Not until she heard the words was Amber aware of them. Panic choked off her euphoria. Had she just said that? She couldn't've. She'd never thought it before, why would I love you fly out of her mouth like birds released from a cage? Fuck, it hadn't been three weeks and even she knew it was too far too fast, fuck, fuck, fuck--

Before she could do damage control, though, Eric kissed her again, buying them both time. Time for him to come up with the most diplomatic possible rejection, time for her to find the best way to laugh it off. She'd been high off sex, no way could she be held accountable for whatever sweet nothings poured out, she hadn't even meant it.

He was so gentle, compared to the rough, confused kisses they'd exchanged during sex; Amber clenched her eyes, willing herself not to come undone. Play it cool. However he said it, she wouldn't make a fuss when he found some way to tell her he didn’t feel the same. Had to protect her pride. Maybe he wouldn't even comment and it'd be as if he hadn't heard her.

Though, what the hell, she could feel his lips turned up in a smile even as they kissed. Why was he so happy? Amber dared a look as they separated; Eric was grinning fit to crack his face in half. Despite all her attempts to calm down, her heart burst out racing again. He wasn't-- he wasn't glad, was he? But what else was she supposed to think, with him beaming like she'd never seen before, and him holding her all the tighter? Tears she hadn't realized she'd been holding back sprang to her eyes; Amber knew, with every fiber of her self, even before he said the words back at her. Eric loved her too.

Laughing, she threw her arms around his neck, hugging him so that her chin dug into his shoulder. She needed a second to make sense of her flooding fear and joy; it was like she'd had all the breath knocked out of her and lost which way was up. Love. Amber hadn't-- fuck, love was the obligatory feeling for family, together with a generous helping of exasperation, because what else could you feel for them? Passion was for work, into which she threw herself body, soul, and heart. Men, at best, got her lust and interest. The last time she'd considered love was in high school, and even that had been a teenager’s naive stupidity.

And now Eric-- Amber didn't even know what to think or feel. He certainly had gotten under her skin like no one else had in ages. Made her into an idiot and somehow got her doing all kinds of things she wouldn't have considered for anyone else, like being considerate of his feelings just for him and not as a means of reaching an objective. Was that love?

She didn't know. But, still laughing, she'd bask in this dazzled, confused happiness for as long as it lasted. Still laughing, Amber planted a foot against the base of the bed and twisted Eric, wrestling him; smirked when she came out on top again. "Oh, do you?" she asked playfully.
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Amber shifted, finding the coziest way to lie on Eric. He hadn't wrestled back so she remained on top, her back half exposed to the cool air. She crossed her arms over his chest, in order to best meet his gaze and radiant smile, and let her knees fall on either side of him. "I didn't either," Amber responded automatically, not even thinking to hold anything back. "I mean, about me-- about me loving you." The words shouldn't have tripped on her tongue, since she'd just said them, but it was different, repeating them with full awareness. Her flush probably showed.

The tremors from her orgasm still washed over her, more lightly and less frequently; that and the instinct to take in his warmth made her rest her chin on the back of her hands, cuddling in closer. He hadn't known he'd loved her. If-- but why doubt him? By now Amber could write a short encyclopedia on Eric's expressions, and this was about as satisfied as he got. Oddly, he usually got this self-assured and absolute contentment after they'd made up. That was more reassurance than Amber could've gotten from mere words alone.

You don't know what you do to me. That sounded intriguing. "I have some idea," Amber teased. Breathing in deep, the scent of morning and their sex filled her. They'd have to get up soon, Amber knew. Being late was one thing; blowing off work altogether was another. But-- she wanted this moment to last. She wanted to bask in these strange, warm, terrifying feelings for as long as possible. "I know I can get you hard just with stories about girls I maybe made out with." She traced his lower lip with the tip of her index finger. "I know I can make you smile like this." A few inches forward and she lightly kissed him. "And if it's anything like what you do to me..." They'd fought over precisely that, actually. Amber had hated how unreliable she became with Eric, sabotaging her other goals in favor of him. But, right now, in this bubble of happiness, she wouldn't change a thing.
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Eric's hand glided over her back, mysteriously finding precisely where she was most sensitive, his fingertips doing wonders to undo her lingering tension. Amber let free a light moan, her eyes fluttering. Sexual satisfaction and absolute contentment were giving way to sleepiness; they'd just woken up and she'd have been happy to crawl back under the covers and fallen asleep spooning him from behind, his scent encouraging positive dreams.

He'd become mellow too, but humorously so. Amber happily listened to the rumble of his voice as he gently poked fun at her. "The story's not going anywhere," Amber flirted. Telling it to him now, all sated, would be a waste of the story, but the reminder would make him think of it later during the day, at work. The thought of distracting Eric, the memory of a story he'd never heard overtaking him, filled Amber with glowing smugness. She liked him with her on his mind-- and now, she realized with greater pleasure, his heart too. "I can tell it to you aaaanytime I want. Other ones, too."

His eyes shone, and in this soft light they were a whole new shade of brown she'd never noticed before. The way he gazed, you'd think she was the most captivating being in this world. And perhaps she was, to him. Amber took it for granted that she was exciting, beautiful, and interesting, but to be the most important person to someone... she didn't know what would change with them in love. Not much, she imagined. What she'd felt for Eric now she'd been feeling for a while; the only difference was that she'd unwittingly put a name to it. She also doubted that Eric happened to fall in love with her precisely when he'd told her so. At most, it'd give her a confidence she didn't have before-- the other girls in his past wouldn't bother her quite so much, not if he loved her. Unless he fell in love with every other girl, like House had suggested.

That consideration did weigh down Amber's current joy, but she pushed it away, focusing on deepening their kiss, chasing that lingering taste of her, nuzzling her face against his morning stubble. She wouldn't ask for pie charts comparing his past loves to her, especially not when he raised the bigger problem facing them. "God, don't remind me," Amber moaned. They'd be over an hour late by now instead of the fifteen minutes or so she'd originally intended when rolling onto him. "Why can't you be a normal guy and fuck in five minutes?" Of course, the 'normal men' hadn't gotten two weeks of dating from her and definitely not any declarations of love, so maybe there was something to be said for how Eric pursued more and better. "I think he'd laugh at us, that's what." With a regretful kiss on his cheek, she sat up. "You can stay there as long as you like, I'm showering and getting dressed." She glanced down his naked chest and remembered another detail. "You going to wear the same clothes as yesterday?"
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Late as they were, Amber let herself watch Eric's short bit of showing off, appreciating the tone of his muscles as they stretched. What harm would a few more minutes do? The degree of House's ire wouldn't change by five minutes. Of course, when Eric pulled off the condom with the same expression of disgust as the girls in Amber's 8th grade biology class touching dead frogs, she laughed as well. She liked that about him, that it wasn't just sex, that he could make her laugh too. Amber wasn't used to that. She went about everything hard and intense, and everyone was out to get her. Such competitively hadn't left much space in her life for amusement and it'd left a hole in her life that only now was she starting to realize.

In the bathroom, Eric bid her goodbye. "See you," she said and hugged him, tight, knowing it would be the last time she really could for the next few hours. Today would likely be quiet, but no reason to rub their relationship in everyone's-- House's--face. She had to enjoy him now while she could; Amber knew very well just how different Dr. Foreman was compared to Eric. "We'll take care of House, yeah?" she said with a wink. Together they certainly would. Touching Eric, it was impossible not to kiss him too, so she did, slow, lingering. "This morning was great."

With that, she slipped away, getting to her usual morning tasks. It was time to start-- or get the second start, anyway-- the day, not to mention plan out any and all possible attacks House would use on her and how to best counter them. Best to hurry and look her sharpest. There was a whole day ahead of her.