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Monday, November 12

House was disgruntled.

He didn't like being disgruntled. He'd rather be pissed off, or disgusted with somebody's stupidity, or even casually bored. Or, unsettling everyone's expectations about his stunted emotional life, happy as a clam in mud. Disgruntled was a stupid emotion, most of all because he couldn't do much about it.

All week, all weekend he'd waited for a sign that Samira Terzi had any intention of following through on his--admittedly rusty--flirtations. Okay, outright propositions. Well, she hadn't slapped him or kneed him in the balls. She'd smiled, even joked back. He'd almost thought he'd find her waiting outside the hospital ready to give his position a try. One or both. Really, either way he could hardly lose. Giving her a spot on the team would certainly lift the scenery quotient. And there'd be plenty of opportunities to close the deal if she was hanging on his every word and learning from the master.

But she didn't show. And House couldn't stop looking for her. He wasn't a moron; he didn't expect her. But he kept turning around to check over his shoulder anyway, and it was...


Monday rolled around with nothing interesting on the radar. (Wilson getting drunk and bowling a 300 game he couldn't remember the next day was becoming disgustingly familiar. House had stolen the trophy for his own collection of things Wilson had won that House obviously deserved more.) The case last week with the kid getting his surgery was old news. If House didn't keep Cuddy hopping with some kind of crisis his team was involved in, he'd probably have to work, which was a sad prospect for any Monday, but even worse today.

He was limping towards the clinic entrance, his shoulder already burning from his quick, rolling pace as he kept his weight off his leg, when he twisted into a double-take and nearly faceplanted on the wet sidewalk. Foreman. And the Bitch.

Canoodling, of course. Looking like quite the pair of lovebirds. They were standing near Foreman's car, foreheads pressed together, the hint of a man-eating smile just visible on the Bitch's face as they pulled out of a kiss. She looked like she'd forgotten everything else in the world. Like she'd forgotten being the best. Forgotten the game.

Forgotten House.

It was about time to show that he hadn't forgotten them. Oh, he'd left them alone last week, put up with the drip, drip, drip of sappiness in his differentials, ignored the little not-actually-invisible-to-the-rest-of-the-world smiles they'd had plastered on their faces, but that had been because he'd been biding his time. And it looked like Monday morning should come with with a rude awakening for somebody else besides him.

House altered his path slightly and headed for the doctors' lounge. An ambush in the locker room was just what the doctor ordered.
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"Later," Amber murmured, cupping Eric's face for one last brush of their lips, more a reminder of their time together and a tease for what was to come than a proper kiss. They were both smiling and it was hard, but not impossible, to look away from his steadfast, shining gaze. They'd ended up spending the weekend together so it wasn't as if she hadn't gotten her share of his company (at the cost of her readings-- she was getting further and further behind). Just. They'd had fun and now Amber had to shift gears for an entirely different kind of love, this time for her work.

Having parted from Eric, Amber walked quickly through the hospital corridors with her typical single-minded determination. Perhaps she was behind on her studying, but on the other hand, she felt happier, more confident. Her joy wasn't precious like it had been in those earlier day with Eric, a bubble ready to pop at the first hint of sharpness. This was more like gold, solid and durable.

And as far as House went, wasn't it all a question of confidence? She already had the training and she was born with the smarts for this job. All she had to do was have her opinions and fight for them tooth and nail. That'd be easier than ever, even with Dr. Foreman on the side to disapprove of her medical decisions. By the end of the year, she'd be a full-fledged employee. With a smirk and visions of victory, Amber pushed into the locker room.
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One moment Amber was thinking of the day ahead of her, the next, House popped up in her path like a creature in a haunted mansion. At most she was startled; other people used the locker room, so she half-expected to run into someone. It was a bit stranger to have a guy here, much less House, but whatever, that was how he rolled. Amber just shifted her grin into a promising smirk. "Morning, House," she said easily, striding with the same purpose as before towards her locker.

Of course, even if she was saying good morning like it was perfectly natural for him to ambush her-- which, actually, it being him, it was-- he had to be here for a reason. To fuck with her, probably. Or to pull an unexpected stunt to see how she reacted, learning more about how she ticked. It could also be as simple as getting rid of a bad mood; he was doing tricks with his cane, like a kid playing with a new toy, but there was an underlying anger to his tone.

She'd barely had the time to zip through her combination code before he fired off his first shots. Amber could tell he was aiming to hurt her, bringing up Eric and his sex life, but he missed the mark so completely she almost frowned in confusion. She was the jealous type, yes, and House did know that, but why would she be upset about some sick plan he'd never tried out on Eric? Just more typical House stuff, trying to knock her down. She simply wouldn't let him. Not like last time. With that in mind, the second insinuation didn't bother her either. She opened her locker, the door creaking like it always did. "But if I get cured, how can I pass it on to you?" she asked sweetly, throwing the taunting on to him. It was a bit true, too; she did mean to find him a good lay.
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Perhaps it was only because of the fight they'd nearly had, about how welcome Eric would feel at her family's Thanksgiving table, that Amber flinched. Black's not my color. Again her choice was being questioned, waved aside. Eric was being dismissed in those few words. Black isn't my color. House didn't even bother to mock her choice in men because it was simply that beneath him. It was a new kind of anger to Amber and she didn't even know what to do with it, beyond frown disapprovingly at House, hand curling over the locket's metal edge.

"Sorry to disappoint you," Amber said bluntly and without an ounce of self-recrimination, using the force of her previous anger. She was shrugging off her winter coat and hanging it, ready to slip on her lab coat. "But just because I'm happy doesn't mean I've changed. I'll still get you your results. You can keep calling me that, and I could even pretend to hate it." What did she care what the others called her? And the way House was putting it, 'cut-throat' was a compliment; better yet, because she really hadn't changed. She was still the one who got things done.

Amber peered into the mirror, checking quickly. Kissing Eric had smudged her lipstick a bit and it'd be better to fix that, but she wasn't going to primp herself up in front of him. She wouldn't show House the work it took to look as good as she did. "Tell you what, if I'm anything but the best, then you can chew me out." Challenging House could backfire on her, with his ever-moving goalposts, but then again, it could work in her favor. House liked a fight. That was why he was here. And she was the best. Amber smiled at him, confident and cynical.
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House, of course, wouldn't focus on the important parts of what she'd said, about how she'd kick ass and take names in their department; it wasn't news, but sometimes it seemed that what House least cared about was the quality of their work. Instead he'd picked up on her disquiet at his remark about Eric's blackness, laying on thick his over-caring act, and he was just about the last person Amber wanted to discuss this with.

Amber shut her locker door with a solid clack, not quite slamming it. "No," she said, loud, insistent. "He hasn't." He hadn't, not really. Not with her precisely. He'd basically accused her family of being racist, without ever having met them, but he hadn't said anything about her, and the only reason the subject came up was that he'd been invited to their home. And he'd been right in that it was going to be awkward, and maybe it was a commentary on her-- how had he known it'd been awkward? he'd guessed from her own attitude?-- or maybe he did have a chip on his shoulder the size of Virginia, assuming he’d be looked down upon wherever he went.

No. Fuck this. She was Amber Volakis and she did not get bogged down by stupid insecurities like this. She was better than this shit. Amber whirled to face him, hands on her hips. "What do you want, House?" She'd wipe that self-satisfied grin off his mug. "Insider information about me and Eric? Yes I know he was caught for stealing, yes we've talked about him being black, and yes I love him." Amber narrowed her eyes, determined, and took a couple of steps towards him, raising her chin. "Happy? Or maybe you just want a fight and see me upset. Would that be good enough for you? I told you, House, I'm the best, and I'll give you whatever the fuck it is you want." Going into the offensive flooded her with thrilled excitement, like she’d just pressed down hard on the accelerator.
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It didn't even faze him, her pointing out that he was basically looking for blood. She breathed in deep and fast through her nose, staying calm but planning how to strike back. Amber wouldn't let House keep taking pieces of her like a roast on the table. She had no more reason to stay but leaving would be running away, so she staked her territory. She was tall as it was and with her heels, House didn't have much height on her; it was easy to stare at his level. He was cocky and smug; let's see how long that lasted.

He couldn't get to her or Eric if she was on the offensive.

"You don't know what I'd do for him," Amber said quickly, dismissing the issue. The question of Casey's treatment was already resolved with the person who actually mattered; House could be curious and dig into the files as much as he liked, but he couldn't affect her opinion or feelings. If he wanted her to feel guilt for not supporting Eric, it wouldn't work; she was too focused on her anger, hot and controllable. The last time they'd fought, he'd humiliated her, bringing up Eric's previous and fair-weather loves and then thoroughly rejecting her flirting. What would hurt him? "Eric," Amber answered, her grin sharp and cruel. "You had your chance."

But that wouldn't be enough to hurt House; he'd already made it clear that he could care less about fucking her. Drawing this line would, at most, give him a moment's pause. What mattered to him? Control. He wanted to put her in her place, to make her worry about her relationship to Eric; he wanted, even, to undermine Eric through her. Amber wouldn't let that happen. The answer was to show House his weakness, and that-- that meant making him fear his power as their boss. "Face it, House, you don't control our lives." Amber said it baldly, going so fast she didn't have the time to remember her real goal, of being his underling.
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Once the words were out loud and said, it struck Amber that she may have gone too far; she half-expected House to break into a gleeful sneer and fire her. What was it with her, that she couldn't control what she said? Blurting out that she loved Eric (not to mention all the other tidbits she'd thrown at him in the heat of the moment), telling off her boss.... Amber had always been one to speak her mind, but she'd learned to be cautious, too. Seemed like she was unlearning that lesson. She gritted her teeth as if to put a leash on herself; she'd go no further, baited or not.

House didn't sneer, or smile; he just frowned, eyes going unfocused in that way he did when they were in a middle of a diagnosis he'd deigned to participate in. He was processing. Amber found herself crossing her arms, nervous, tempted to start tapping her foot. She wouldn't let him fire her-- she'd find a way around it, if he did. Kutner came back from the other side and she could too; she was better, she was.

All she got was, Not like I'm your boss or anything and him knocking into her shoulder as he strode out. Amber's arms dropped to either side of her as she sighed and looked up at the ceiling, annoyed. What had just happened? Nothing she said seemed to really affect House; so much for hurting him. If anything, he seemed ultimately pleased by what she'd said. It wasn't worth even trying. What good could come of it, anyway? She'd seen how trigger-happy House was when it came to firing, that first day on the job. She wasn't sure if goading him right back was the right answer. Maybe later she could ask Eric what he thought, since he had more experience with House; it’d hurt her pride, needing help, but she was always willing to get information wherever possible.

Once she heard the door swing shut, Amber opened up her locker again. Might as well reapply her makeup now and feel at least better prepared physical for whatever was coming.