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November 2, 2007 - Evening

The next couple of days passed by without anything remarkable. Amber spent them as she had most of the rest of the week, combining clinic work with hunting down a new patient. It shouldn't be that difficult to find a new case, but even so, she was able to name the problem of a complicated patient within twenty minutes. Frustrating, that she couldn't prove herself, but at least the rest of her competition wasn't doing any better. Thursday night, she went ahead and took care of the chores she knew she wouldn't be able to on Friday-- and Saturday and Sunday, just in case she and Eric stayed together the whole weekend.

All in all, Amber was glad when five pm rolled around on Friday. It felt like she'd spent two days waiting for this moment when she pushed the door open into the Diagnostics office, ready to go do whatever she would with Eric. Before coming here, she'd taken the time for a few extra preparations: retouched her make-up, brushed and pulled back her hair with a clip, put on dangling gold earrings. She could do better-- become a real knock-out-- but not with the resources in her locker, and not at the risk of overdressing for the night.

Amber stepped into the office, eager to see Eric again; to get them out of here.

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